Did you know that Austin Meat Company is the largest distributor of American Kobe Beef on the East Coast?

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Austin Wagyu Beef, takes a holistic approach to providing the finest Kobe style Wagyu beef to our customers (beef connoisseurs and chefs in the finest restaurants) who demand uncompromising standards at every level. Our customers require great taste, melt in your mouth tenderness, humanely- raised, traceable, USDA inspected at harvest, and packaged Wagyu beef to exacting standards.

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Now every restaurant can feature Kobe beef on there menu. We offer three different levels of grading to fit your budget.. We will appreciate the opportunity to assist you today. Contact the Kobe Beef Man today with any questions..

When you cut into a Prime steak, you expect it to be tender, but Austin Meat Companies American style Kobe beef can be cut with a butter knife. Although Prime Meat tastes wonderful, it may not grace your palate like a fine wine, with complex flavors, subtle sweetness and a lingering finish. This is the Austin Meat Companies, American style Kobe beef difference that you can taste. Please feel free to read our Kobe Beef Handling instructions.

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The butter knife beef

Exquisite steak cuts, including tenderloin,
strip loin and rib eye

Buttery boneless short ribs

Exceptionally juicy round and chuck roasts

Well-marbled value cuts like flat irons, sirloin flap, top
sirloin, and outside skirts

Specialized, unique cuts like cheek meat, oxtail, and tongue

World-famous, gourmet hamburger patties and ground beef

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Unmatched flavor, tenderness and consistency are guaranteed. A small difference in price yields a big difference in taste and tenderness. Kobe Beef is beautifully marbled for a perfect meal every time. All beef are raised in the United States and on a hormone-free feeding program.